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What is coil coated galvanized steel?


Coil-coated galvanized steel is a type of steel product that has been coated with a layer of paint or other coating material on one or both sides of the galvanized steel coil before it is formed into the final product. The galvanized steel coil undergoes a pre-treatment process to remove any impurities or surface contaminants, and then a primer layer is applied to prepare the surface for the topcoat. The topcoat layer is then applied by a continuous mechanical coating process which involves coating the steel coil with a paint or other coating material. This process offers several benefits such as improved corrosion resistance, UV protection, and enhanced aesthetic appeal. Coil-coated galvanized steel is widely used in various applications including roofing, cladding, and construction, among others. The coated layer provides additional protection to the galvanized steel, making it more durable and resistant to environmental elements.

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