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Introduction of Galvalume Coil


Galvalume Coil is a galvanized steel sheet based on aluminum, zinc and silicon. Due to the special structure of its zinc-aluminum alloy coating, Galvalume Coil has higher corrosion resistance and longer lifespan than traditional galvanized steel sheets. service life and better weather resistance, so it is widely used in construction, auto parts, home appliances, warehousing equipment and other fields. Advantages of Galvalume Coil include:

Corrosion resistance: Aluminum-zinc alloy coating provides better corrosion resistance and can maintain the surface's gloss and anti-corrosion properties for a long time in acid rain, seawater, polluted atmosphere and other harsh environments.

Fire safety: Compared with tin-plated and aluminized steel plates, Galvalume Coil has a higher melting point and can improve the fire protection rating of buildings to a higher level.

High effectiveness: Galvalume Coil has a longer service life than traditional galvanized steel plates, providing users with longer service life, lower maintenance costs and higher economic benefits.

Weather Resistance: Galvanized aluminum alloy construction mitigates the effects of corrosion and surface damage in extreme weather conditions.

Easy maintenance: Compared with traditional steel plates, the surface of Galvalume Coil is easier to clean and maintain and is not affected by contamination or mold.

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