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Manufacturing process of SGCC Galvanized Steel Pipe


The manufacturing process of SGCC galvanized steel pipe is mainly divided into the following steps:

Steel plate processing: Using cold-rolled or hot-rolled steel plates, they are first pickled and cleaned to remove surface oxides and impurities, and then enter the galvanizing equipment for the next step.

Galvanizing: After the steel pipe has been surface pretreated, it is galvanized through the dip coating method of immersing it in a hot zinc solution, so that the surface of the steel pipe is covered with a layer of zinc, thereby improving the anti-corrosion performance of the steel pipe.

Cold drawing and straightening: The galvanized steel pipe is adjusted through cold drawing and straightening processes to make it meet the standard requirements.

Cutting: Cut the steel pipe to the required length according to user needs.

Packaging: Pack galvanized steel pipes into rolls or straight pipes, and classify and mark them according to standard requirements.

The above is the main manufacturing process of SGCC galvanized steel pipe. Different manufacturers may have some differences, but these basic steps are generally followed.

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