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Quality standards for color coated rolls


With the popularity of color-coated rolls and the continuous improvement of production technology, more and more people are beginning to use color-coated rolls to decorate houses, make furniture, and produce advertisements, etc. However, there are many varieties of color-coated rolls on the market and their quality varies. How to choose good-quality color-coated rolls is a concern of the majority of consumers.

Quality standards for color-coated coils: Color-coated coils are a composite material made of aluminum alloy, steel, plastic and other base materials after being coated, dried and rolled. The quality standards of color-coated rolls mainly include the following aspects:

1. Base material: When selecting materials, the surface of the base material is required to be smooth and free of cracks, burrs and other defects, and the thickness should comply with national standards.

2. Coating: The thickness of the coating should comply with product standards, the surface should be smooth, and there should be no obvious color difference, bubbles, wrinkles and other defects.

3. Weather resistance: Color-coated rolls should have good weather resistance and can withstand the influence of natural environments such as sun, rain, wind and so on.

4. Corrosion resistance: The surface of the color-coated coil should have good corrosion resistance and should not be easily corroded by acid, alkali, salt spray, etc.

5. Mechanical properties: Color-coated coils have high strength, good toughness, and are not easy to deform, crack, etc.

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